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Plainwell Brass is the prime distributor for Bradford White Water Heating Equipment for the professional plumbing trade. We stock water heaters ranging from mobile home units to high output commercial heaters.

We design in-floor heating systems using Combi-Core Water heaters for residential units and Burnham Boilers for large residential and commercial applications.

Radiant Heat

Kitec (in-floor)

WarmRite in-floor heating systemKitec is a unique multipurpose piping system that combines the very best features of metal and plastic pipes all in one. Its a composite pipe made with an aluminum core bonded to interior and exterior layers of plastic. This engineered combination of materials provides the strength of metal with the longevity and durability of plastic all in an easily handled and installed system.

Today, Kitec is widely used throughout North America in residential and commercial plumbing, municipal water service lines, residential and industrial heating, compressed air and compressed gas systems.

Kitec logo

Visit Kitec on the web at: www.ipexinc.com

Agricultural (AG) heaters

L.B. White
L.B. White heating products As a leading manufacturer of heating equipment for over 50 years, L.B. White Company delivers a full line of quality forced air, radiant and spot heating solutions for agriculture, construction, hospitality and greenhouse environments around the world
"Quality heaters you can count on"

Visite L.B.White at http://www.lbwhite.com

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Reznor® heating unitReznor® began producing the first gas heating units for residential application in 1888. Since then, we have focused on the use of natural gas for heating commercial & industrial spaces. Our products provide comfort and protection for factories, warehouses, greenhouses, garages and countless other applications where robust, reliable heat are required.

Reznor® brand produces a line of air handling blower cabinets for custom applications. These units can be configured with heat (Duct Furnaces) or cooling (Coiling Coil cabinets) as needed by the customer.

Visit Reznor® on the web at: www.rezspec.com


Enerco garage heater Enerco infrared heaters direct line-of-site radiant heat to floor-level objects, which in turn, heat surrounding air to the desired temperature. Personnel and objects at floor level enjoy instant, cost-saving comfort.

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Visit Enerco on the web at: www.enerco.com



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